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We are pleased to announce that our offer of vinyl flooring has been enriched with collection Stella, economical and affordable solution for commercial areas. It is a selection of 10 chosen, modern colours of well known and popular UNI design, with total thickness of 2 mm, and transparent layer of 0,7 mm. This product has mechanical embossing, and rolls are delivered in dimensions 2 m x 25 m (15 – 25 m). Stella has been produced using the new technology, with phthalate-free plasticizers. These plasticizers are approved for food contact containers, which can also be used for toys intended to be placed in the mouth by children. As all Tarkett branded collections, product has been additionaly protected with “Extreme protection” lacquer, which prevents penetration of dirt to deeper layers of the floor, making maintenance and cleaning of the floor covering easier. Thanks to this additional value, floor looks new for a longer period of time.



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